2017, September, travel

Venice Beach

Venice residential neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, is known as a buzzing beach town. Venice Boardwalk is the site of funky shops, street performers, and colorful murals. There’s also a skate park and Muscle Beach outdoor gym. Stretching about one a half miles along the manicured sands of the Pacific Ocean, the boardwalk is a large part of what makes Venice unique. On the west side of the “walk” are hundreds of street vendors and performers. You can see everything from break-dancing to broken glass walking. Mimes to musicians, jugglers to jesters and everything in between. The Westside offers unique arts and crafts, odds and ends and one of a kind only obtainable here. In addition, skate and surf shops, medical marijuana dispensaries would you believe and more. This is all in addition to the large selection of restaurants, juice spots, and bars. I’m literally staying a stone’s throw from the beach. Tomorrow a film crew is setting up outside to film Goliath 2. Alec has lent me his bike for the week, so I cycle around the beach which I love, but believe me, it gets very chaotic in the mornings with so many people, you need eyes in the back of your head.




3 thoughts on “Venice Beach

  1. Betty White says:

    You could have waited while lots of muscle men where at Muscle Beach before you video them !!!. The film crew could have recruited you to play David to his Goliath!!! Ha ,Ha . The beach looks lovely and LA really colourful !!!. Must take ages to do some of those Murals and some of them are really nice !!!.


  2. Nicole Murphy says:

    Hi Phil,
    Just caught up with you on your fabulous journey. So envious, I went to Muscle Beach many moons ago and it sounds just as I remember it. One more week until I retire. Am planning a “storm chasing” trip in America 2019! Good luck and enjoy


    • Hi Nicole. Congratulations on your retirement. I haven’t missed work for one second. Bring lots of money, but it’s worth every penny!!! Enjoy your retirement you’ve definitely earned it. Phil


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