2017, September, travel

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s famed for its giant, ancient sequoia trees, and for Tunnel View, the iconic vista of towering Bridalveil Fall and the granite cliffs of El Capitan and Half Dome. On the two days, I was in the area they were suffering from fires everywhere (I can’t repeat what the local firemen said in a local store about a member of the general public). Highway 41 was closed due to a major fire they were actively trying to put out. Highway 140 had several smaller fires which they left to burn themselves out. You can see from the footage the whole of Yosemite is covered in smog from these fires. I did the two-hour park ranger open bus tour which was brilliant. The park ranger spoke about black bears (which the park is full off) which can smell food in a plastic container, in the trunk of a car three miles away. That they can open the boot of a car just by tearing it off the car with their claws. They’d had such a huge bear problem the government gave them funding to find a way to stop the problem. So now all camp sites have these metal boxes that are bear proof to store all food no exceptions, I thought yes right!!! I met a lady today at Point Reyes National Seashore on highway one I mentioned I’d been to Yosemite a few days ago. She tells me she wouldn’t go camping there ever again because 8 years ago they were woken by a bear ripping the trunk off the back of their car like a can opener because they’d left some food in a cooler. OMG !!!! The deer in the park were clearly used to people I was so close it was literally two feet away.






4 thoughts on “Yosemite National Park

  1. Methuselah says:

    A shame about the smoke as it’s such a beautiful place. They do have a fair amount of natural fires (lightning strikes etc.) but these are obviously not natural. Were there climbers on El Capitan? You have to look very closely and it takes them 2 days to scale it so they sleep on the rock face in hammocks overnight.


    • Nobody was sleeping on the rock face I could see. Apparently you see them best at night when they have their lights on. A guy has just set a record of just under 4 hours, rope less. Normally it takes two to three days as you say!!!


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