2017, August, travel

Grand Canyon

A Land To Inspire Our Spirit – Grand Canyon – One of earth’s most powerful, inspiring landscapes, overwhelms our senses.

I’ve taken a short break from Route 66, ending in Flagstaff, Arizona after crossing six state lines, traveling 2,100 miles and crossing three time zones. I’ve now taken a detour, spending a couple of days touring around the southern rim of the Grand Canyon stopping just outside in a town called Tusayan. Both the video footage and the photographs just cannot convey the magnitude and scale of this amazing canyon it’s absolutely incredible. Yesterday, August 25th was national park service birthday which meant you could visit all national parks for free (normally charge $30.00).

Observations.  The US is not a cheap place to live. Gas is very cheap because of theirs no tax on fuel. Everything else you buy they add a tax on top of the displayed price afterward, sometimes twice adding national tax and then a local tax depending on which state you’re in. Eating out is expensive, you have to add 15 to 20% tips on top of the displayed cost + tax even if the service was poor. Because it’s the Grand Canyon, everything costs double. But having said this. I love this country!!!



8 thoughts on “Grand Canyon

  1. Methuselah +7 says:

    I told you any description I came up with wouldn’t do it justice. The place defines the word awesome. I’m so envious, soak it all up mate!


  2. Mel says:

    Excellent,photos except absent person sitting on that outcrop! You must try the north rim at sunset, go via the painted desert in the west!


    • Thank you for your comments. I struggle to do selfies, I think I’d end up over the side trying to get that shot. 🙂 I tried to get to the Grand Canyon west side via Peach Springs which is on Route 66. I managed to get a few miles before giving up. This route was very rural and needs an off road vehicle. I may go via Las Vegas as I want to do the SkyWalk.


  3. Betty White says:

    Hi Phillip,looks absolutely amazing,almost like another world!!!. I think you could spend quite a few days seeing all of the Grand Canyon!!!. Great Video!.


  4. Betty White says:

    Makes you think you ought to see Dinosaurs plodding along and Pterodactyl flying around in that terrain!!! Looks magnificent ,almost wish I was there with you!!!

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