2017, August, travel

Route 66, Springfield to Claremore

Further photographs from my continued journey on Route 66. This part of the leg you see several antique shops on route selling all sorts of Route 66 memorabilia. A collectors dream. Rare antique gas stations are scattered along the route as are neon signs. I stopped at one place to look around the typical fridge magnets, t-shirts, and baseball caps when the owner I was speaking to asked if I would like to see some cars. The town was deserted, low and behold she shuts up the shop and takes me to two sheds out back with the beautifully maintained cars towards the end of the video. They were amazing, that was the highlight of my day !!!. The end of the video shows some very rattly video of the really old parts of Route 66 crossing two bridges from the 1920’s (many of the bridges are now closed off and bypassed). You can see a lot of the road is in a very poor state of repair.




5 thoughts on “Route 66, Springfield to Claremore

  1. Sis says:

    Wow those cars are like works of art and in such fabulous condition! I wish I was there with you – I love the bit where you’re driving along – you could be my chauffeur!

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  2. Betty White says:

    Hi Phillip,loved the cars !. Bet you would like to drive a few of them !. Liked when you were driving along , looked if you had the road to yourself !. The bridges would have barriers up surely if you were not to go over them!.


    • Hi Mum. The yellow impalla ss i would have loved to drive. It was great being able to look around the cars on my own as you could take photos with nobody else in the shot. Went to two Route 66 museums yesterday. First one I was the only person so got the personal tour. The second one there was only two of us. The bridges. Difficult to say when you see the state of some of the cars they drive (no mot here).


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