Route 66, Chicago to Springfield Missouri

Some of the photographs from the start of my route 66 journeys from Chicago to Springfield Missouri. The start of route 66 kicks off in downtown Chicago on Adams St just west of Michigan Ave. Before you snap the obligatory photo with the “Route 66 Begin” sign. The first stop rises from the cornfields 60 miles south of Chicago, in a town called Wilmington. Here the Gemini Giant fiberglass spaceman – stands guard outside the launching pad drive-in. The route winds itself around the main interstate I-55. Parts of the road no longer exist come to a dead-end in places because a bridge is no longer passable etc. I’ve often found the best way to navigate the route is to ignore the sat nav and just follow the historic route 66 brown signs. I cannot convey how beautiful and scenic the places and country side I have driven through. In some towns, I’ve driven through, I’ve turned around and driven back just so I can drive-through again. Whilst in Springfield I visited the Lincoln Monument where President Lincoln’s tomb remains. It’s hard to describe, but it was incredibly moving to visit this place. It was a huge cemetery and was absolutely pristinely maintained.


7 thoughts on “Route 66, Chicago to Springfield Missouri

  1. Sonia Garlick says:

    You seem to be having a great time but it’s good that you’re on your own cos if I was with you I would be saying ” what we stopping here for? ” Drive carefully and have a great time.. remember me when you get to the Grand Canyon and walk the glass bridge. We once discussed doing it together.


    • Hi Dave. The recommendation is not to drive today. So I thought I would spend the day catching up. Been trying for days to get eclipse glasses. All sold out. People are paying up to $600. Should have planned well ahead for this one. Should get about 95% totality.


  2. Marcelle says:

    Hi Phil it is incredible to read how you enjoy your journey across America. I was in the department and bump into Chris how mentioned how quiet the department without you and Tom. That was the era then, now a new chapter has dawn for you. Enjoy it.


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