2017, August, travel

Chicago CTA Train Line

Hi All

My first post since retiring and setting off on my travels.

Just a quick video showing the Chicago CTA elevated trains that run through the city. It’s the fourth largest rapid transit system in the US and believe me it can shift at quiet a pace on parts of the track. It can knock you back when they take off, so they have a light that flash’s inside the cars (they call them cars for some reason) to warn passengers. Many of the tall buildings you see are built on top of the line so they have sound proofing and fume extraction to reduce the noise and fumes.


4 thoughts on “Chicago CTA Train Line

  1. Ania S says:

    I can feel the energy of the city through the video, super! Also I really like your into and the transitions. Is that Final Cut, you’re using?


    • I love the sounds of the city at night. You can here the rushing sound of the train all night but not in a bad way. It’s soothing if anything!!!

      Final Cut Pro is brilliant not just for video but photography as well. I will email you a download link. Their are many tutorials on YouTube to get started.

      However it needs a MacBook Pro for heavy stuff. Been trying to do a large video and it keeps failing to render and upload. Will try again today.


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